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Madison Plus Select, Inc.

Meet Our Founder, Aimee
A Note from our Founder, Aimee Cheshire

The idea behind Madison Plus Select is simple:  Attainable luxe designed for full-figured, fashion-forward plus size women.  (Kind of amazing that’s a new concept, no?)  This is a significant issue for millions of us, and it has motivated and inspired me immeasurably in my life – it brought on the creation of the curated online plus sizeshopping experience that is in 2009, and it gave focus to Madison Plus Select too, our team’s brand new baby. Everything you’ll find here is on the cutting edge of style, trendy, fashion-forward, and modern sophistication, and most importantly... made for you.

Being both Plus size and highly style-conscious is a tough combination.  I don’t know which is worse:  that the trendy plus size pieces that catch my eye never seem to fit or flatter once I try them on (even though they’re allegedly my size), or the fact that most plus-size-specific brands tend to completely skip style. Working in the Plus size fashion industry for six years as both a buyer and plus-size model, I saw firsthand some of the problems and mistakes in the design/creation of clothes for curvy and plus size bodies, and finally began to understand this big, glaring gap that exists.  Now I’m just trying to bridge it – to make sure we all can find beautiful, trendy, fashion-forward, current, perfect-fitting clothes, regardless of our size.* 

*It IS possible, and there are in fact designers and brands with unbelievable style and know-how focusing on fuller figures! – they’re just hard to find, and extremely underfunded. Support them, and you’re supporting the larger effort at hand.

I’ve meticulously studied what works on plus-size bodies (and what flat-out doesn’t) – both in my professional life within the industry, and standing in various dressing rooms. Through Madison Plus Select, I’m so grateful to share with you the life-and-wardrobe-changing knowledge I’ve gained, not to mention the unbelievable new talent I’ve been blessed to discover and feature.  Thank you for joining us and for supporting this movement.
Love Aimee